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Why You Should Backup Your Cloud Data

As individuals and businesses store increasingly more information digitally and online, backup has become an important part of data management.

For many businesses, storing their data in the cloud is their first choice. Cloud storage offers convenience and flexibility, allowing data to be accessed practically anytime from anywhere. Collaborating teams with individuals stationed around the globe have access to the same data in real-time. In addition, cloud storage is considered one of the safest ways to store your data.

Many people use cloud data as a backup for their local data, freeing up space and saving the data away from hardware that could fail. In the event of an emergency like damaged or stolen hardware, cloud data is extremely easy to access. Though cloud data is generally considered very safe, like any storage method it is vulnerable to breaches and failures. There are many reasons that you should consider backup options for your data stored in the cloud.

When cloud storage fails

In any business setting, human error is a large contributor to loss of data.

As the number of people accessing stored data increases, the chances of someone making a mistake also rises. It is impossible to expect that you or your employees will never make a mistake. However, mistakes like communication issues, data overwriting, and accidental deletion can put vital data in danger.

There are also many factors outside of human control that can affect your important business data and files. Natural disasters and other events can cause server interruptions, even if the disaster or event is far away from you geographically. If you store your data in multiple locations, it can still be accessed during a server failure. On a smaller scale but no less important, sever issues can occur when data is synced, causing loss of data and overwriting of files.

Damage and loss of data is not always an accident — data breaches are becoming more common, and malicious attacks can compromise business and user information, including information that is stored in the cloud. Data breaches are expensive for the business operator and erode customer confidence in the long-term. A safe and secure backup solution gives business owners and users peace of mind in the case of attacks that could cause data loss or damage.

Keep your business safe

If you or your business have been using the cloud as your solitary backup method, it’s time to plan an additional layer of backups to ensure that your data is always safe, secure, and accessible.

Simply put, redundancy is the only way to truly guarantee that in the event of an issue or emergency, your vital business files will be there when you need them. T3 Technologies in an expert in data storage and backup solutions or every business, big and small. Contact us today to learn more.