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Automated Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery systems and processes help to provide continuity of services in the event of an unintentional or unplanned outage.

Prepared recovery solutions

Users expect technology resources to be available when they need it, where they need it, and how they need it. When, not if, that technology breaks, it can directly and negatively impact business operations.

Keeping with our holistic approach to technology management, disaster recovery should be baked into all aspects of an operations solution. T3 can develop and implement multiple levels of fault tolerance to protect your most critical information.

Stay protected

On-premise and cloud-based automated backups

Regularly file and bare metal restoration testing

Fully replicated point-to-point, hybrid and cloud-based recovery solutions

Application-aware recovery options (e.g. SQL Server replication)

Cold, warm and hot site recovery options

Integrity and availability solutions for existing cloud-based services (G Suite, Office 365)

SOC/SSAE-compliant services available

Exceeding Industry Recovery Standards

Gone are the days of relying on hand-carried tapes or USB drives as a backup fail-safe.

All of this and more can be automated with end-to-end monitoring to ensure continuity and integrity of services. A properly architected and implemented disaster recovery solution should complement and integrate with your audit and compliance requirements.

We are here to help and advise on your technology challenges.

Our emergency service technicians will have you up and running in no time.

T3 can help upgrade your existing process to meet today’s communications needs.

Our experienced consultants can provide you a full assessment for your project.