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End-to-end Network Management

T3 provides end-to-end network design, implementation, management, and support to ensure your network is functioning at its peak efficiency, with perimeter security as a vital part of our strategies.

The best network solutions

Networks are the technological backbone for devices, and operates much like the human body — a complex interaction of various systems that must work in harmony. A failure or misconfiguration of a component or the absence of appropriate controls can allow unexpected noise to interrupt legitimate business services.

Our network design philosophy fully addresses security through the concept of defense-in-depth, preventing security breaches by requiring attackers to penetrate multiple distinct layers in order to reach the center.

Stay secure

Local Area Network (LAN) Design, including perimeter security, remote access, and redundancy

WAN Design, including Internet connectivity failover

Perimeter security design and implementation

Network penetration and vulnerability testing

Proactive, 24/7/365 network health monitoring

Integration of physical network with cloud services

Internet circuit scoping, recommendations, and procurement

Network device procurement, configuration, and installation

Custom Network Solutions

When building a custom solution, we consider your specific business requirements, physical and remote locations, and availability needs.

Throughout the process and post-install, our expert team of engineers provides continuous operational monitoring with the ability to quickly respond to and remediate any issues that may occur.

We are here to help and advise on your technology challenges.

Our emergency service technicians will have you up and running in no time.

T3 can help upgrade your existing process to meet today’s communications needs.

Our experienced consultants can provide you a full assessment for your project.