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Protect Your Data Against Phishing Attacks

We’ve all probably done it at least once: you open an email that appears to be from your bank or credit card company and click the link to reset your password or enter an important piece of personal information.

Before you even realize what you’ve done, you’ve given up information that should be private — to a scammer. Often, the attacks aren’t so overt. Perhaps you click on a link that appears benign, but installs spyware or malware on your computer or other electronic device.

Even the most diligent user has been tripped up by online scams that convince people to share sensitive information using email, text messages, and other platforms of electronic communication. Cloud portal spoofing and mobile application spoofing are on the rise, contributing to the number of both personal and business phishing attacks. New scammers are skilled at gaining users’ trust and appearing legitimate. While some attempts at phishing appear quite obvious, scammers are becoming more advanced and more adept at devising ways to convince you, and your employees, to give up not only their personal information, but information that is vital to your business operations.

In fact, phishing is still the most common way that malicious entities gain access to businesses and their data.

Despite years of corporate and even small business education plans, and a more savvy and informed workforce, hackers and scammers have remained ahead of the education curve and are continually developing more advanced ways to compromise your employees and gain access to your business’ vital data.

While it may sound like a losing battle, don’t throw up you hands just yet. Education is still important and will help to mediate some of the more obvious and less sophisticated attacks that are sure to invade email, messaging, and even voicemail inboxes. While it’s unfair and ill-advised to expect your employees to single-handedly prevent phishing attacks, basic education can offer a modicum of protection.

However, for more complicated and multi-layered attacks, and as a first line of defense against basic messaging and web attacks, professional IT solutions can eliminate dangerous security breaches. There are a variety of software, hardware, and broad network solutions that can protect your employees and your business before phishing emails and messaging, malware, and spyware before they can even breach your systems.

The reasons for protecting your business are obvious: preventing a phishing attack is a far better plan than dealing with the aftermath of leaked information.

Each business has its own requirements for security depending on the number of employees, network, apps and cloud services used, and hardware.

T3 Technologies works directly with companies to implement customized security plans that are seamlessly integrated into IT infrastructure. We understand the importance of preventing phishing before it happens and utilize a combination of network security testing, physical network security and testing, software implementation, firewall configuration and more. Contact us to test your current systems, diagnose potential areas of weakness, and discuss possible solutions for the safety and security of your business.