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The End of Landlines as we Know it?

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The End of Landlines as we Know it?

This article will cover the changes coming to POTS lines and the transition to digital telecommunications.

In August 2019, the FCC released a mandate requiring telephone networks to sunset long-standing POTS phone line connections. The deadline is here and it could cost any organization still using these outdated phone lines hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.  

Read more to find out what are POTS lines, and why are they going away.

What Is a POTS line? 

Simply put, POTS (sometimes also referred to as PSTN, or public switched telephone network) stands for plain old telephone service, and is what everyone knows as their traditional landline. Essentially, it is an analog voice transmission system that’s connected with copper wires providing power and connectivity. This was the standard for telecommunication before VoIP started booming but many can still be found.

POTS lines are common in business-related applications. In addition to their use for voice phone calls, organizations may have POTS lines for the following uses:  

  • Fax machines 
  • ATMs 
  • Elevator call boxes 
  • Fire alarms
  • Burglar alarms
  • HVAC systems
  • And More 

Why Are POTS Lines Going Away? 

Due to a lack of serviceability, features, and support for the once popular communication system. Organizations still using these lines are looking at a significant increase to their telephone bill starting in August 2022 potentially costing into the thousands per line.

No one wants to be stuck with that phone bill but fear not. There are plenty of options to keep your costs down and provide a more feature-rich solution.

The FCC finds POTS to be unsustainable for several reasons: 

POTS Lines Are Expensive 

Each Pots line currently costs an estimated $65 – $100 per line, and sometimes companies have more than one. These lines are also used for fax machines, ATMs, elevator call boxes, fire alarms, gate and door access, and even HVAC systems. This adds up fast and can put unnecessary strain on any budget.

POTS Lines Lack Monitoring Abilities

Due to their physical analog nature, POTS lines do not have monitoring or remote management like digital platforms. This means that when there is damage to your wired network, it is difficult to locate, and you will not know if a line is down until you are actively trying to use it.

POTS Lines Face Limited Support

The workforce that once held ample knowledge of POTS lines is quickly dwindling, leaving few professionals to handle repairs when needed.

Equipment shortages add more fuel to the fire and prevent work from getting done quickly.  

Replacement Options for POTS Lines 

Now, major networks will be allowed to deactivate and/or raise prices on existing POTS lines. If you choose to keep using POTS, you can expect to pay hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars to use them.

If your business needs more information to see if you have POTS lines or if you need more information on what options are available T3 can help make sure you are getting the most out of your telecommunication service. We provide both cloud-based and VOIP-based telecommunication services and can help integrate these services directly into your business. For more information email
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